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Why Vitamix?


  • Does the work of multiple kitchen appliances
  • Can do what other blenders can do and what other blenders can't.
  • Able to make hot soup, whipped cream, nut butters, sauces, sorbets, and more
  • Multi Functional


  • Built To Last
  • Smarter Choice-- and an even smarter investment
  • 7-year Warranty

Taste- Power

  • Vitamix is the most coveted kitchen appliance in the world.
  • Vitamix makes healthy food easy and delicious.

Texture- Precision

  • Powerfully Smooth Smoothies
  • Creamy soups without cream
  • Create more precise textures

Easy to Use

  • Simple Controls
  • Create hundreds of recipes in a single container

Easy to Clean

  • No Disassembly required
  • Cleans up the competition. And then cleans itself.


  • Customer service reps and repair technicians are available.

Chef Preference

  • Trusted by Chefs